“Former Tennis World Number 1, Marcelo ‘Chino’ Rios Criticized for Controversial Social Media Post by Ex-Nanny”

2023-05-29 15:53:33

Marcelo ‘Chino’ Riosonce a national idol and former tennis world number 1, He is once again the target of criticism for a controversy who stars, then what his ex-nanny denounced a letter that he left on social networks.

This is Alba Estrada, who accused that the former athlete was happy to see a photograph of her, lying on a hospital stretcherdue to the serious bite he suffered from a pitbull dog.

Very affected, the woman showed the message left by Marcelo Ríos, who said “that is called karma, People who act badly in life pay for it with this type of thing and hopefully it wasn’t the bicycle that was stolen from the ISI”, accusing her of stealing from her home.

“Too strong”

Alba Estrada did not hesitate for a second to expose the person for whom she worked for years.

Once again my ex-boss rings again, the story is as follows: Everyone knows what I’m going through right now with the tremendous accident I had (pitbull dog) and in which I am still in my recovery process, “he began.

“In one of the videos that Kim uploaded to my profile telling all of you how my state of health was going, Don Marcelo Ríos made that comment that appears there, too strong For my taste, a comment full of evil and in which he launches a serious accusation ”, he continued.

The worker did not stop there and continued saying that “I swear I was stunned, I’m not lying to you how much I cried, I felt attacked, disrespected and undervalued, I thought how there can be such ungrateful people in life, how there can be so much evil in the mind of a person, and not just anyone, he, the father of 5 children whom I have filled with love for so many years”.

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“I didn’t want to do this out of respect for the children, but why do I always have to shut up and swallow things in the face of so much injustice? I do not intend anything with all this, just to show you the moral that I have learned, and that is that even though we do things with love, respect and honesty (…) I do not regret anything that I lived next to those five children, because the love that I left in them and they left in me are indelible marks, so I only have to tell don Marcelo, you are absolutely right, karma exists, of that I am completely sure”, closed the affected.

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