Formula 1: Fernando Alonso: That’s why he’s so fast at the age of 41

Alonso made the right decision

But what makes the “Prince of Asturias” so strong at an age when most pilots have already hung up their helmets? The main reason for the current success is his company car. Alonso has rarely excelled in team selection in his career to date, but the two-time Formula 1 world champion made a stroke of luck when he switched to Aston Martin at the beginning of this season. In the previous season, the British racing team was still a straggler, now you have the second fastest car. “A good squad, you have to be honest. They got racers and not only good people from us, but also brought Red Bull’s aero boss Dan Fallows. They did it cleverly,” praised Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff in the SN conversation the new top team.

Alonso became calmer and more experienced

The class of the exceptional performer is added to a fast car. Alonso has been one of the best drivers in the premier class since his Formula 1 debut in 2001. In 2005 and 2006, the then Renault driver prevailed in the battle for the world championship against none other than record world champion Michael Schumacher. Wrong career decisions like his move to McLaren or Ferrari prevented further world titles. If Alonso had been in a Mercedes in the past decade, the record world champions would probably not have been Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton .

The many unsuccessful years and increasing age also contributed to the personality development of the former hotshot. The composure, experience and sheer driving pleasure that Alonso now displays are qualities that make him appear even stronger than when he won his two world titles. The fact that the long-awaited third title win will finally work out this season is not likely given the overwhelming Red Bull dominance in the season so far. But Alonso, who always works hard on himself, has learned to be grateful. And with the necessary luck of the capable, at least one or the other race victory is still possible this year.

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