Fortress, Gundam Style Gaming Headset ‘PlayGear PH732’ AVING USA

Fortress, an IT device company, introduces a 7.1 gaming headset ‘PlayGear PH732’ with a Gundam-style design.

The PH732 is characterized by the bold design of the Gundam style, and it is characterized by emphasizing the details, breaking away from the plain design. Depending on the model, a color combination of blue, yellow, and red plus white and yellow is applied, and it supports colorful RGB LED effects and can be controlled from a wired remote control.

The shape of the earpads covering the ears is made in a pentagonal shape so that the entire ear can be covered naturally and the shielding rate is also improved. The headband that covers the head is a dual-band type, so it has excellent elasticity, and even big-headed gamers can use it for a long time without feeling pressured.

Because it supports USB 7.1 surround, it is possible to play sound in games to locate enemies only by sound. With the remote control attached to the wired cable, you can intuitively adjust the volume and mute the microphone with one touch.

An official from Fortress said, “We are planning additional gaming gear items following the mobile product line with the PlayGear brand,” and “We plan to release various items necessary for all play.” All PlayGear products can be purchased at Naver’s official shopping mall and online shopping mall.

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