France Woman Found: Husband Released, Kidnapping Accusations Disputed

2023-08-08 16:23:52

Woman found in France

“The situation of kidnapping is a non-existent reality”

According to the prosecutor, there is no evidence to prosecute the husband of the woman found on Monday in Forbach (F). He will be released. His wife accuses him of having kidnapped her since 2011.

PostedAugust 8, 2023, 6:23 PM

According to prosecutor Olivier Glady, the wife’s words are peppered with “inconsistencies”.

The provisional detention of the German accused by his wife of having sequestered her in Moselle since 2011 will be lifted, “no element” allowing him to be prosecuted, said Tuesday the public prosecutor of Sarreguemines, Olivier Glady.

“The police custody will be lifted at the end of the afternoon or in the evening”, indicated the magistrate, according to which “the situation of sequestration is a non-existent reality”. The forensic doctor who examined the woman, aged 53 and of Spanish and German nationality, also did not find any traces of rape or injuries, added Olivier Glady.

Consequently, the man will be released from police custody and released, while his wife, to whom he has been married since 2001, will remain in hospital in Metz for the time being. The pathologist “does not exclude the possibility, for this woman, of being affected by inflammatory pathologies of the rheumatological type”, which her husband indicated to the investigators.

Allergies, hair loss

The latter explained to them that she has been suffering from autoimmune rheumatism, which has been causing “invalidating” complications for about ten months, and that he was taking care of her. These rheumatisms have also caused “allergies” and are “accompanied by a mechanism of alopecia”, which explains the absence of hair of the wife, found “with a shaved head”.

She nevertheless claims “still that she is not sick”, also indicated the prosecutor, who underlined that “his own interpretation of his situation is perhaps not the fairest”. She also continues to claim to be the victim of kidnapping by her husband, but her remarks remained enamelled with “inconsistencies”, reports the magistrate, who had denied, on Monday, several elements, such as the existence in the apartment a torture bench or a notebook in which her husband noted the abuse allegedly inflicted on his wife.

“His own interpretation of his situation may not be the most accurate.”

Olivier Glady, prosecutor, about the wife

The woman had been discovered by the police, emaciated, half-naked and with a shaved head, in an apartment in the center of Forbach, which she occupied with her husband, of German nationality. He had been placed in police custody for kidnapping, aggravated rape, acts of torture and barbarism.

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His wife had called, in the night from Sunday to Monday, “a German association for the protection of victims, who called the police in Wiesbaden”, had indicated the latter, who then contacted the French police.

TV, computer, cordless phone

The observations made on the spot allowed the investigators to uncover the access, for the woman, to “a television, a computer and a cordless telephone”, with which she also made her call for help to the German services.

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