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Japan representative MF Daichi Kamata (26), who belongs to Eintracht Frankfurt, has declared that he will remain in the team this winter before the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar Tournament (Qatar World Cup). With the possibility of contract extension, Roma, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Dortmund, and Benfica in the first division of Portugal are listed as candidates for transfer destinations. Meanwhile, Frankfurt manager Oliver Glasner put pressure on the player to agree to a contract extension. On the 9th, the local newspaper “Frankfurter Rundschau” in Frankfurt, Germany reports.

Daichi Kamada was close to transferring to Benfica at the end of August this year, but he remained after being persuaded by Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner. In October, the British media “Sky Sports” reported that “Frankfurt asked for a two-year contract extension until June 2025, and presented the highest annual salary in the team.”

Also, while the player himself is heading to Frankfurt to extend his contract, after the match against Mainz on the 12th of last month, he said, “I will remain in Frankfurt this season. Even if there is a possibility of negotiating with other clubs this winter, I do not think I will leave immediately. No. (Oliver) Glasner and I have talked about wanting to finish this season in Frankfurt.

However, during the Qatar World Cup, interest from Roma and AC Milan has been reported, and Dortmund and Benfica are also expected to move to sign the player.

Director Glasner responds to an interview for “Frankfurter Rundschau” while reports about Daichi Kamata’s retirement are flying around. Regarding the player’s current situation, he said, “How do I see Daichi Kamata, how do I see the team as a whole, what are our goals, and what kind of big role does he play for that? I explained it to him again.”

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“He’s thinking about his contract situation, so it’s a question of if he doesn’t play if he doesn’t extend it,” he explained. He made it clear that he was prepared to cut his appearances if he didn’t agree to a contract extension.

On top of that, the commander said, “There is no need to fear anyone. Daichi Kamata’s contract status is completely irrelevant to me. I told him, ‘If you are better than other players, (this season ) I will play until the final game.

“He wanted to play in the UEFA Champions League with Eintracht Frankfurt and now he’s benefiting from it,” he said. He claims Frankfurt is the perfect environment for the player.

Last season, Daichi Kamata contributed to the UEFA Europa League victory as a central player in the offense. So far this season, he has scored 12 goals and 3 assists in 22 official matches. He continued to perform well, but was lackluster at the Qatar World Cup finals, failing to score.

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