Fraudulent Group Arrested for AI-Enabled ID Card Scam: Borrowing Money Online Exposed

2023-08-25 03:48:49
6 people were arrested for borrowing money online by using artificial intelligence to pretend to have lost their ID cards

The police found that a fraudulent group used artificial intelligence face-changing technology to pretend to be a citizen who had reported the loss of his ID card in an attempt to deceive the face recognition system in order to complete the online application process of banks or lending companies. Six men and women were arrested on suspicion of “conspiracy to defraud”.

Superintendent Gaudi of the Technology Crime Division of the Cyber ​​Security and Technology Crime Investigation Bureau said that many financial activities, such as borrowing money and opening accounts, can be conducted online. Many financial institutions will require the applicant to scan and upload the user’s identification document, as well as take a selfie photo in real time, and then use the facial recognition system to verify whether the photo of the applicant matches the identity document.

Gaudí said that from September last year to July this year, the relevant group was suspected of stealing the ID cards of at least 8 citizens who had reported their loss, and submitted a total of 90 loans and 54 bank account opening applications to 20 banks and lending companies. It is done online. Among them, 4 loan applications were successfully approved, involving a total of 200,000 yuan. The police said that the relevant group had used artificial intelligence face-changing technology at least 20 times in an attempt to pretend to be a citizen who had reported a lost ID card, in an attempt to deceive the face recognition system to complete the online application process, and successfully deceived the last time. For some of the online applications, scammers use the “Deep Fake” technology.

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He also said that the fraudulent group had used the relevant 8 lost ID cards to register more than 30 prepaid phone cards, and sent more than 7,200 phishing scam messages from April to May this year, in an attempt to provide point rewards, etc., to attract Citizens submit credit card information. So far, the police have received one related report, in which the victim mistakenly believed in a phishing scam message and handed over his credit card information, which was later stolen by scammers for shopping purposes.

The arrested 4 men and 2 women, aged between 31 and 50, including a syndicate leader, were all suspected of “conspiracy to defraud”. During the operation, the police seized an ID card belonging to other citizens that had been reported lost, 13 suspected forged ID cards, 19 mobile phones, 9 computers, and a batch of suspected false documents.

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