French College HPV Vaccination Campaign: Ministry of Health Updates and Progress

2023-11-08 21:29:00

The expected objective for this first edition of the campaign was at least 30% of students vaccinated at college, according to the Ministry of Health at the beginning of September. “I think we won’t be there,” Minister Aurélien Rousseau admitted to AFP.

The Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau, hopes that some 150,000 5th grade students will be able to be vaccinated this year once morest the papillomavirus, while believing that it will be necessary to show “tenacity”, he told AFP on Wednesday .

The campaign, promised at the start of the year by President Emmanuel Macron, was launched at the beginning of October in French colleges. For the moment, “we have had around 150,000 returns: 50,000 refusals and 100,000 acceptances”, indicated the minister to AFP on the sidelines of a trip to the new Curie Institute hospital in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de -Seine).

According to the latest data from National Education, France has some 800,000 students in 5th grade (public and private under contract).

A “heterogeneous” campaign

“It is a campaign where we will have vaccinated, I hope, 150,000 5th grade students” at the end of the year, continued the minister. “If we are at 150,000, that’s as many (people) who will not develop cancer of the uterus, vulva, throat,” he said. The minister, however, recognized that this campaign was “heterogeneous”.

“It is “rather the CSP+ who respond favorably”, “we have to find the words to convince”, he detailed.

If the increases are for the moment “very partial”, they indicate that in certain regions such as Brittany, “it is working very strongly”. In other places such as Seine-Saint-Denis, the vaccination rate varies from “8% in certain colleges to 35% in others”, specified Aurélien Rousseau.

A goal probably not achieved

The expected objective for this first edition of the campaign was at least 30% of students vaccinated in college, according to the Ministry of Health early September. “I think we won’t be there,” admitted Aurélien Rousseau.

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“Some people tell us that the information is too complicated, others that it is too simple. We need to adapt our tools.”

“It’s a start, it will take tenacity,” he said.

A vaccination in 5th grade

The vaccination campaign for middle school students in 5th grade once morest human papillomavirus (HPV), the cause of many cancers such as cervical cancer, concerns all public middle schools. Only voluntary private establishments can participate.

At the end of October, the general secretariat of Catholic education recommended to Catholic colleges under contract to “suspend” this campaign, for “precautionary reasons” following the death of a schoolboy, the victim of a fall following post- vaccine.

The Regional Health Agency, which rules out any link between the vaccine and the illness, has launched an investigation. For its part, the Nantes public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into manslaughter.

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