From a famous family: information about Maryam Elkhosht, the latest bride in the artistic community

2023-06-25 11:12:35

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The artist, Maryam Al-Khasht, topped the search indicators immediately following announcing her engagement to a young man from outside the artistic community, an event that attracted great interest from her followers, especially following sharing clips from the ceremony.

And following the remarkable interest that Maryam has received since she shared pictures of the engagement party, which witnessed the presence of a number of her friends from inside and outside the artistic community, we review in the following report the most important information regarding Maryam Elkhosht.

Who is Maryam Elkhosht?

Maryam El-Khasht was born in 1985. She is the daughter of Chef Imad El-Khasht, the presenter of the cooking program, Cooke and Text, on the Egyptian “CBC Sofra” channel, and her mother is the artist Zainab Mubarak.

Maryam entered the world of voice dubbing as a child, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, then worked on Radio Mega FM, following that she worked in clothing design.

Maryam Elkhosht’s artistic roles

She played the role of “Wendy” in the movie Peter Pan, and in 2017 she participated in the series “La Tatfi’ al-Shams”, and in 2018 she participated in the movie “Ma Taalash Aan El Hajeb”.

She also participated in the series Kalabash 2, Layali Eugenie, and Why Not, and in 2020 she participated in the Miss Farah series, and the Al-Nisyan game series, in addition to her participation in the movie “Ritsa” starring the artist Mahmoud Hamida and Ahmed Al-Fishawi.

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In 2022, I participated in 5 works; They are Majnoon Bey, Room 207, Waad Iblis, Miss Farah 5, and the last role, while her last work was the series “Nadra Currency” last Ramadan 2023, starring the artist Nelly Karim and the star Jamal Suleiman.

Engagement Maryam Elkhosht

Maryam Al-Khasht celebrated her engagement on the evening of June 23 to a young man from outside the artistic community, in the presence of a number of friends and close associates, which increased the audience’s interaction with the happy event.

Maryam shared a number of photos from her engagement party via Story on her personal account on the Instagram application, and she chose a simple look, which is a sky blue dress, which won the admiration of her followers.

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