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On January 3, 2023, during the outbreak of the epidemic, the emergency room of a Beijing hospital was overcrowded. (Jade Gao/AFP)

[The Epoch Times, February 09, 2023](Epoch Times reporters Xia Song and Luo Ya interviewed and reported) After the peak of the first wave of the epidemic in mainland China, many people suffered from various sequelae, including lung nodules, fatigue, memory loss, and hair loss. In addition, due to fear of a second wave of the epidemic, some people began to hoard medicines in large quantities. Some people in Shanghai told The Epoch Times that they felt that the epidemic would only get better if the Communist Party was wiped out. They are still, now the government does not talk about the epidemic, and deliberately confuses the common people.

In the first wave of the epidemic, in addition to the deaths of a large number of people, many people suffered from serious sequelae.

Ms. Li, a Beijing resident, recently (February 7) told the Epoch Times reporter that there are a lot of people with special after-effects. Experts say that there is no need to look at the cough, and it will be good for 3 to 7 weeks. “We didn’t watch it, we just waited and watched it after the festival, and I got lung nodules. It’s not getting better now, and the cough has phlegm, which is very uncomfortable.”

“Experts can’t be trusted, they don’t have credibility, and they always lie. If he said to see a cough earlier, he wouldn’t be delayed. There are so many patients with pulmonary nodule symptoms.” She said, “I have been taking the medicine for a month, but still Chest tightness. I asked the doctor, under what circumstances, he can die, and he said that no treatment is needed if the symptoms improve, for example, no spitting, no coughing.”

On the recommendation of a friend, Ms. Li took a German medicine, and then took another traditional Chinese medicine. Now her cough is gone, but she still keeps spitting up.

She told the reporter that her lungs had calcification and pulmonary nodules, and the sequelae were severe. “I don’t sleep well, and many of my friends don’t sleep well. Some suffer from hair loss, memory loss, and a lot of people who are prone to fatigue. There are also lung nodules. There are many symptoms, and one person experiences three symptoms.”

Mr. Wang from Shanghai also told The Epoch Times that many people coughed and they are still not recovering. “I asked a lot of people, and they said they were still coughing, and they didn’t know what was going on.”

Just after the peak of the first wave of the epidemic, people struggling with sequelae began to prepare for the second wave of the epidemic and began to hoard medicines in large quantities.

Ms. Li said that on January 31, she heard Yin Ye, CEO of Huada Gene, said that the virus will definitely come back and may affect hundreds of millions of people. “Everyone will be horrified when they know it, so they rush to buy medicines and stockpile them. The traditional Chinese medicines that were stored in the past are useless. The cost of various oral liquids has risen, and some of them are not covered by medical insurance. Now everyone hoards medicines in a targeted manner, not as chaotic as in the past. purchase.”

She said that now people buy medicines overseas, but they can’t buy Pfizer’s oral drug Paxlovid. “In our parent group, many of them are of a very high level. Many of their classmates are abroad and they themselves are medical students. They send a lot of news to China. , new research results, cutting-edge information, we understand the condition of the disease and what’s going on, but there is no medicine.”

Ms. Lin, a resident of Jing’an District, Shanghai, told The Epoch Times: “We are all very worried about the arrival of the second wave of the epidemic. Get better.”

Deaths in Shanghai hospital continue

How many people died in this wave of epidemic has become a secret of the CCP, and the outside world can only get a little clue from the bits and pieces of information.

A few days ago, Bao Tong’s daughter, Bao Jian, tweeted, “The demand for hospital nurses in Beijing has dropped sharply, so that nurses can’t find work because many elderly people in Beijing have passed away…China has entered an aging society, and the demand for nannies and nurses is increasing. It is still a very big market, especially in big cities… It is unheard of for them to be unable to find a job. This should be a recent phenomenon in big cities in China, right? It shows that the number of deaths caused by this wave of epidemics will definitely not be less than 100,000 as officially announced people.”

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Ms. Lin’s friend’s mother just passed away. Before her death, she was treated in the observation room of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital. She said, “There are dead people in the observation room every day, and the authorities don’t report them.” people die.

Mr. Wang from Shanghai also told The Epoch Times that about a dozen people died in each community, and the security guards were more aware of the situation. “A lot of people died, how many communities are there in Shanghai?”

According to a 2019 “Shanghai Community Illustrated Book” published by Lu media Tencent.com, by the end of 2018, there were 15,468 communities in Shanghai.

Ms. Lin said that the outpatient clinic is not as crowded as before, but appointments are required. The situation in funeral parlors has also improved. Unlike before, the corpses had to be left at home for eight days before they could be transported away. The funeral parlor on Xibaoxing Road still does not offer memorial services. After the person dies, he or she gets dressed and the family members bid farewell before transporting the body to the cold storage room. There is a daily payment for storing the corpse in the cold storage, which is not a high amount. The price of cemeteries in Shanghai has risen sharply. It costs two to three hundred thousand yuan for a little better place, and hundreds of thousands for a place farther away.

Mr. Wang heard that the crematorium still needs to be scheduled, ranging from one week to 10 days or 20 days. The crematorium fee has been reduced from 40,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. “The normal price is more than 1,000 yuan. The ‘scalper’ is caused by the protection of officials. It is impossible for ordinary people to be a ‘scalper’. If I want to do it, I will be arrested immediately.”

The government stopped talking about the epidemic

Mr. Wang said that the first wave of the epidemic should have passed, and the second wave seems to have not yet arrived. Years ago, migrant workers returned to their hometowns, and the population of Shanghai was leaving. After the 15th day of the first lunar month, the population was flowing in. He is also paying attention to the development of the epidemic. However, the government stopped talking about the epidemic and confused the common people. He said: “If there is no investigation, there will be no epidemic. If there is an investigation, there will definitely be.”

Ms. Hu, a Shanghai resident, told The Epoch Times that after the opening of Shanghai, nucleic acid testing will not be carried out. Nursing homes in Shanghai opened before the Chinese New Year, and the director asked the family members to provide proof of a negative 48-hour nucleic acid test.

All the nucleic acid testing sites around her community have been withdrawn, but fortunately, she has a ready-made antigen kit at home. However, when she arrived at the nursing home, she found that no one looked at her antigen test strips at all.

According to Ms. Hu, there are about 300 people in this nursing home in the suburbs of Shanghai. Some time ago, there were also elderly people in the nursing home who collapsed. They were basically infected and dozens of people died.

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