“Fuerza del Pueblo Exposes Government’s Justification of High Prices by Comparing DR with Other Countries”

2023-05-09 03:16:28

Daniel Toribio, head of the Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the People’s Force.

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party said Monday that the government intends to justify the high prices of the family basket by making comparisons with those of the United States, where thousands of Dominicans reside.

In a press release, Daniel Toribio, head of the FP Secretariat for Economic Affairs, referred to an official publication in which price comparisons are made.

“It is important to note that when comparing the basic food baskets of these countries and cities, the characteristics and consumption habits of each one must be observed,” he said.

He said that the analysis presented by the Government headed by President Luis Abinader does not consider the capacity

“When comparing the basic food basket in dollars from Puerto Rico or cities in the United States, it is observed that in almost all cases the family basket exceeds, as in the case of Boston, 1.77 times the Dominican family basket,” he said.


«In the Dominican Republic the minimum wage per hour in large companies is 2.37 dollars, while in micro-enterprises it is only 1.35 dollars. In contrast, in Puerto Rico, the minimum wage is 9.50 dollars, more than four times higher than the Dominican one,” Toribio highlighted.

He added that in Florida it is 11 dollars and in New Jersey 14.13 dollars, in Boston and New York the minimum wage reaches 15 dollars “all significantly higher than in the Dominican Republic, 6.33 times more than in our country.”

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He considered that it is a “useless” effort by the Government to try to “misrepresent and hide the reality that the majority of Dominicans live.”

He added that the purchasing power of the Dominican people decreases more and more and the price level is not comparable with that of other countries.

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