Games make up more than half of the blockchain industry’s use

Tam Shams – Saturday 3 September 2022 02:49 am – New data from Dab Radar indicates that gaming remains a vital member of the Blockchain industry. As per the report, the gaming sector accounts for roughly 50.51% of industry usage per month, according to August figures.

While the numbers are generally a good indicator for the sector, they are down from the previous month. Last month, the gaming sector accounted for roughly 57.30% of industry usage (monthly).

Data from Dab Radar comes from Daily Unique Active Portfolios (UAW). According to the survey, there are about 847,230 unique active wallets associated with gaming active daily with approximately $698 million in transactions.

Source: DAB Radar

Games have long been promoted as a gateway to the world of Web3, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. Another survey by ChainPlay highlighted that of the 2,428 gaming fund investors surveyed, 75% said they joined the field solely on the basis of gaming.

Game-funding investors don’t just believe in the sector as a proponent of mass adoption. In a panel discussion at Korea Blockchain Week 2022, experts said that gaming finance and cryptocurrency work together normally. Furthermore, there has been speculation that the majority of games will have an in-game cryptocurrency economy over the next few years.

The legacy gaming companies of the traditional gaming sector are also setting their eyes on Web3. Even the Xbox boss expressed optimism about metaverse games, but with some caution about play-for-earning (P2E) games.

These were the details of the news of Dab Radar: Games account for more than half of the Blockchain industry use for this day.

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