Gérald de Palmas Announces Retirement from Music: Last Album to be Released in November

2023-10-10 10:22:24

Singer Gérald de Palmas, who is preparing to release an album in November, announced this Tuesday that he was ending his career in music.

This will be his last album. The singer Gérald de Palmas, who will release a new album in November, announces this Tuesday in a video relayed on social networks, that he is ending his career.

“Unfortunately, a recurring voice problem prevents me from having a constant voice. For recording, it’s not bothersome, on the other hand, for concerts and promotion, it’s quite unbearable and I see myself forced to stop, at least in this form, my career”, explains the singer.

“I had a great career”

“I don’t stop myself from working for others or recording something from time to time,” he adds. “I had a great career,” he concludes.

The singer enjoyed great success in 1994, with On the Road, taken from his first album, La Derniere Année. His album Marcher dans le sable, released in 2000, contained the hits Une unique vie ou J’en rêve encore, written with Jean-Jacques Goldman. He has released eight studio albums, one live album and one EP. He also wrote the song Marie, for Johnny Hallyday.

Rewarded with a second Victoire de la Musique for male artist of the year in 2002, the artist was distinguished twice by the NRJ Music Awards in 2002 (album of the year) and 2003 (male artist of the year). year).

BFMTV met him at the beginning of September in Calvados, on the set of the Personne clip, taken from his new album, the first in seven years.

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“I did a lot of concerts. I did tour after tour. When there is physical fatigue, up there [dans le cerveau] It no longer works and in the heart either. It was the moment [de s’arrêter]”, he then explained to explain his long absence.

He also said he returned to his native island of Reunion, and learned to fly planes and helicopters. He also said he had done work on his voice.

“I did a little work on self-acceptance. I accepted the way she sounds, the way she is.”

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