German president expresses shock over train accident in Bavaria

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his “deep shock” over the train accident that took place in the south of the country on Friday, which killed at least four people and injured dozens.
“My thoughts are with the injured and all their families in these difficult times,” Steinmeier said in a statement on Saturday. “I would like to thank all the police and rescue forces for their tireless and important work.”
Investigations and rescue work are continuing at the site of the accident today, Saturday.
Several cars on a regional train to Munich derailed in the village of Burgrain on Friday, and several cars of the double-decker train overturned and skidded off a ramp until they came close to a main road. The cause of the accident is not yet clear.
The accident resulted in the death of at least four people out of a total of about 140 people who were on board the train, and about 30 other people, including several children, were injured. Some of the victims were seriously injured and required urgent surgery. This is one of the worst railway accidents in Germany in recent years.

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