“Germany’s Electric Car Export Surges: Latest Statistics and Insights”

2023-03-23 07:00:00

Germany exported around half a million electric cars last year. That was almost two thirds (plus 65.2 percent) more than in 2021. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, the value of the vehicles was 24.2 billion euros. The most important customer country was Great Britain with a share of 14 percent. The USA is close behind (13.1 percent). Imports also increased, but not nearly as much: Last year, 358,000 electric cars were imported into Germany for 10.5 billion euros. That is 22.2 percent more than in 2021.

With 1.48 million vehicles worth 55.5 billion euros, exports of combustion engines were at the previous year’s level (minus 0.3 percent). The most important customer was China with a share of 14 percent, followed by the USA (11.9 percent). Imports of cars with petrol or diesel engines fell by almost 13 percent to around one million vehicles for 23.5 billion euros. Exports of plug-in hybrids fell by four percent to 253,300 units (11.4 billion euros), while imports rose by 12.4 percent to 250,600 vehicles (9.0 billion euros).

Around five times more cars with combustion engines than with battery drives are still being produced in Germany: 375,600 e-cars worth almost 16.2 million euros were sold in the first nine months of last year, 1.7 million petrol and diesel engines for 73.2 billion euros across from.

In terms of sales, the automotive industry is the largest sector of the manufacturing industry in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the 63 companies in the field of manufacturing passenger cars and car engines generated record sales of 385.1 billion euros in 2022, also due to the increased prices. That is 17.4 percent of total industrial sales in Germany and an increase of almost a third (30.4 percent). The pre-crisis level of 2019 was also exceeded by more than a fifth (+21.3%). (awm)

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