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Every year, mobile technologies are becoming more and more central to our daily lives and are today the epicenter of innovation.

With these devices becoming essential, we create and consume content that connects us, inspires us or simply entertains us. For example, we stay immersed in the wonderful world of an epic video game, even on the go. We can follow up and communicate with colleagues, meet deadlines when we are away from the office. We manage every aspect of our lives in one convenient place: from health and wellness habits, to appointments, shopping, travel and more.

Our days revolve around these experiences. That’s why people want devices they can rely on and brands they can trust. At the same time, global challenges such as the climate crisis are pushing us to change the way we live. We now have a responsibility to help create a better world and to work towards a fairer and more sustainable future. We believe that mobile technology can be the catalyst that will enrich everyone’s life and help create a better future. And that’s what drives us every day at MX Business.

Set new performance standards

There’s no better example than Samsung of realizing that vision with the Galaxy S series. This year, the Galaxy S series builds on its innovative heritage by strengthening its foundations.

That’s why our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter and smarter, delivering the best photos and videos in all lighting conditions. Along with hardware and software optimization, our latest chip has evolved from Samsung’s open collaboration philosophy with fast and powerful performance for the Galaxy series. The connectivity of our ecosystem also becomes simpler and more transparent than ever.

We’ve merged the best of the Galaxy Note into the Galaxy S-Ultra. This makes the phone a pioneer among smartphones, bringing together the power, performance and creative possibilities of the two main Galaxy innovations.

Today, the Galaxy S Ultra has become the pinnacle of Samsung Mobile innovation, a brand that stands apart from all the rest.

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Sustainable innovations

Performance isn’t just regarding power. It is also regarding sustainable innovations with less impact on the environment.

We are therefore committed to fighting climate change while being guided by our new environmental strategy which aims to make the technology we depend on more sustainable. That’s why we consider sustainability at every stage of a product’s life cycle.

In practical terms, this means building sustainable devices designed to last longer while incorporating more recycled materials into product components. It also means working with like-minded partners to bring people together and bring regarding positive change for everyone and the planet, while setting new standards for our industry.

A premium experience without compromise

On February 1, during the Unpacked event, we’ll show how innovation and sustainability together deliver the ultimate premium experience.

In a time when the stakes are higher than ever, we’re raising the bar by pushing the boundaries of the mobile experience – with our powerful mobile experiences you’ll love for years to come.

I look forward to sharing the next developments. See you soon on Unpacked!

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