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2023-07-09 12:00:04

Taiwan stocks fell and went higher on Friday, closing the lower shadow line of 71 points, which means that there is still buying power at the bottom of Taiwan stocks.Taiwan dollarThe exchange rate continues to depreciate, and foreign capital is forced to sell shares to transfer, but it can be seenCounter Buy IndexIt has just fallen near the monthly line and there is an invisible hand supporting the market. Therefore, analyst Xu Shaoxuan of Hongguang Investment Consulting believes that domestic investors and real investors are still quite optimistic about Taiwan stocks. In fact, it is normal for the stock market to go up and down. It is impossible for the stocks in our hands to be red every day. Therefore, when the stock market falls, we need to see whether the stocks in our hands are more resilient than other stocks, and whether they are stronger than other groups when the stock market rises. That’s enough.

Take advantage of the weekend to sort out your mood and prepare for next week’s market. Next Wednesday, you must pay attention to the two major indicators of June CPI data and Friday’s consumer confidence index. These two indicators may be the turning point of the decline in Taiwan stocks. Therefore, I think everyone should be more optimistic in the falling market. In the follow-up, investors are reminded to have the “courage to enter the market in a crisis” during this wave of Taiwan stock market decline, because the stock price decline is always accompanied by bad news. When you can overcome the psychological obstacles, the next thing that welcomes you is sweet profit. So now the most important job in July is to “seize the opportunity to buy the bottom”. Since we know that Taiwan stocks are going up, shouldn’t we buy more and more as they fall?

At present, it is recommended that investors should try their best to choose stocks that do not have such a high degree of linkage with the market, because overall foreign capital is under great pressure to withdraw funds, but domestic capital in small and medium-sized stocks is still working hard on the market, so wait for the follow-up Q2 financial report and Q3 profit to come out one after another. Let’s think about where to get the profit! Investors who don’t want to miss the next wave of thousand-point market & want to know which stocks are beginning to show investment value can watch it on my channel, which contains many stories about soaring stocks and parse.

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