Ghostly Encounter Leads to Tragic Death: Uncle Slaps Grandchild in Attempt to Regain Consciousness

2024-01-21 08:46:12

  • ???? Live news maker on Sunday | Grandchild is haunted by seeing a ghost. Uncle slapped to regain consciousness but was kicked in the chin and died | 21 Jan. ’24 Workpoint News 23
  • Haunted by seeing a young ghost Grandchild gets slapped on the head by uncle to regain consciousness Was kicked on the chin and died, had 10 tablets sucked, Khaosod
  • Haunted by seeing a ghost! Slap to regain consciousness, counter kick to death | 21 Jan. ’24 | Thai Rath Noon News Saturday-Sunday Thairath Online
  • Grandson is crazy about drugs! Angry after being hit in the head, got up and kicked his uncle’s chin, causing death | Hot News 7 Colors CH7HD News
  • Grandchild is haunted by seeing a ghost! Uncle slaps him to regain consciousness and kicks him to death | 21 Jan. ’24 | Thairath News Thairath Online
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