Gilinski already completes 1.11 million additional shares in Sura with second takeover bid

The Gilinski Group continues to get closer to its goal of obtaining up to an additional 6.25% in Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana. Today, according to figures revealed by the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), 230 new OPA acceptances were registered, with which the consolidated figure amounts to 1.11 million species sold, equivalent to 3.81% of the total to be purchased.

As for Grupo Nutresa, the exchange registered only 79 acceptances for 108,184 titles. These figures led to the total amount granted being 276,932 papers and 0.26% of the maximum sought by the Caleño. It is expected that, if the offer is successful, Jaime Gilinski will manage to have 31.5% in Sura, thus being the largest shareholder, and 50.4% of the food company.

The period in which the shareholders of both companies will be able to sell will go until February 28, despite the fact that the offeror has the power to extend said term if they so wish until completing the maximum 30 business days of the regulation. However, everything indicates that said option and that of presenting new offers remain ruled out for now.

This new takeover bid season would be entering a stage of truce that would lead to agreements, especially after approaches were made between Jaime and Gabriel Gilinski and the leaders of the Antioquia Business Group (GEA), among whom are Jorge Mario Velásquez, president of Argus Group; Carlos Ignacio Gallego, president of Grupo Nutresa; and Gonzalo Pérez, president of Grupo Sura.

The role of foreigners

The development of the Public Acquisition Offers (OPA) presented by the Gilinski Group for Nutresa and Sura paved the way since November for the liquidity and depth of the stock market to increase.

In the midst of these transactions, those who had the most interference in the public market were foreign investors, who represented 33% of the total traded in December 2021 and 34% of what was traded. negotiated in January 2022

These figures are part of a total trading volume of $3.33 trillion in January, when it performed well above the historical average and that recorded in December ($1.77 trillion).

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According to reports published by Casa de Bolsa, in the first month of the year, the shares that benefited the most from this flow of capital were Bancolombia, with $619,414 million traded; Ecopetrol, with $589,755 million; Bancolombia’s ordinary specie, with $282,912 million; and Grupo Sura, with $209,045 million.

In this same period, this type of investor registered $1.32 trillion in purchases, an amount that represented 40% of these transactions, while in the case of sales, $955,439 million were recorded, equivalent to 29% of the total left.

If it is analyzed in what type of species foreigners moved more, Bancolombia highlighted, with acquisitions for $77,000 million; Ecopetrol, with $64,000 million; Electric Interconnection SA, with $60,000 million; the preferential of Bancolombia, with $30,000 million; and GEB, with $25,000 million.

The share that they sold the most was Grupo Sura for a total of $18,000 million, followed by preferential Davivienda, with $5,000 million, and preferential Grupo Aval, with $4,000 million.

In December 2021, foreigners had a net position of -$37,873 million, which implied a greater sale of shares by them, compared to what they bought in that period.

Among the companies that acquired the most during the last month of last year are Nutresa, with $41,000 million traded; Grupo Sura, with $22,000 million; Grupo Argos, with $18,000 million; and Corficolombiana, with $1,000 million.

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