goal Tiago Cantoro scored a great goal Universitario 1-0 against Sport Boys and provoked anger from Chalaco players VIDEO Liga1 | SPORTS

Surname singer returned to give joy to University of Sports. Tiago, the son of the remembered ‘Toro’ Mauro Cantoromanaged to shout his long-awaited goal with the cream team and he did it at the Iván Elías Moreno stadium in Villa El Salvador with a previous play full of controversy that provoked the reaction of the players of Sport Boys who tarnished their celebration with a brawl at the end of the game.

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The pink players claimed a lack of ‘Fair Play’ from the players of university for not cutting the game when Especially Uribepink player was requiring medical attention, but this request was ignored by the cream players and the celebration unleashed the indignation of the players and the Buenos Aires Technical Command.

Tiago Cantoro entered on 78 minutes to replace Alberto Quinterothe few minutes he was on the field, he sought to step on the rival area, a task that was difficult for him, but he did not lower his arms, he even asked to execute the free kick that he had achieved near the Chalaco goal, while Especially Uribe He was leaving the camp to receive medical attention. Her shot over 90 + 5 ′ was in the direction of the arc of the Pato Alvarez and following deviating in a rival ended up sneaking into the nets. The euphoric celebration of the young player apparently upset the rivals, generating a confused outbreak of anger.

Universitario beat Sport Boys at the last minute (Video: Golperú)

Universitario vs Sport Boys: THE PREVIEW

University of Sports had an irregular start in the Clausura, but the possibility of reaching first place is not a utopia. Those led by Carlos Compagnucci have solved their problems on offense and are fully motivated following beating Lima Alliance in the Classic (0-2).

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However, the victory in hooligan it also brought negative consequences for the squad: Alexander Succar was expelled. The striker has scored four goals in as many games played recently and his absence will be more than noticeable. For now, his replacement is still unknown.

Andy Polo o Alberto Quintero They might occupy the sector, although not as references in the area, but by exchanging position on the band. In the same way, Piero Quispe will be one of the handles to find the goal in the ‘U’: his imbalance and good outlook to assist will be vital in Ate’s squad.

For its part, Sport Boys It is going through an economic crisis and the staff has raised their complaints towards the board throughout the week. Despite the drawbacks, the Callao club aspires to add as a local, to continue moving away from the bottom of the standings.


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