Good deal – Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro 14 “5-star” laptop for €1,599.00 (-14%)

2024-04-21 22:00:05

The Galaxy Book4 Pro is a resolutely high-end ultraportable with an impeccable finish, with little to envy of Apple’s MacBook Air. It has an exceptional Oled panel, a solid Intel Core Ultra, and above all should surprise with its autonomy.

Beautiful, stylish and especially well finished, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro comes across as a resolutely high-end machine. It combines an impressive number of advantages: an excellent Oled panel, a comfortable keyboard, quite rich connectivity options for an ultraportable and an Intel platform that is both solid and energy efficient, almost as much as the MacBook Air. This will undoubtedly help to pass the monetary pill, which is also resolutely “premium”.

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Point forts

  • Design and finish.
  • Well calibrated Oled panel.
  • Quite rich and varied connection.
  • Performance du Core Ultra 7.
  • Autonomy.

Weak points

  • Soldered memory.
  • No wifi 7.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing today’s lowest price with the average of the lowest prices charged by all retailers for the product last month, with safety rules to exclude the prices of stores whose VAT guidelines are not clear (so-called “grey” stores , typically in the case of imports from China).

An alternative

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 15 ticks almost all the boxes: the impressive chassis makes no compromises, whether in terms of performance or autonomy, and the screen is very well made, with faithful colors and effective anti-glare treatment. We simply regret the definition of the panel which is lower than that of the best laptops at this point.

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