Götze: Trade has to take care of low prices instead of holding out for taxpayers’ money

2023-04-22 13:14:35

Greens call for lower prices for staple foods

Vienna (OTS) After the Green Minister for Social Affairs addressed the enormously increased food prices this week and announced a summit on this subject, Rainer Will, head of the trade association, now spoke up with a highly questionable argument. He found no understanding from the Greens: “The prices for food have risen much more than the other prices – for flour, oil or pasta they have doubled in some cases. That energy costs should be to blame is not very credible, since the manufacturing companies have also benefited from the government’s energy aid,” explains Elisabeth Götze, business spokeswoman for the Greens.

She demands that the supermarket chains face the summit and take an active part in solving the problem. “Anyone who can pay out millions in profits to shareholders can probably sit down at a table and think about cheaper pasta, bread and milk prices for consumers instead of holding out their hands for tax-financed company aid,” says Götze and continues: ” In times when many families are under enormous pressure from the high prices, countermeasures must be taken. I very much welcome the fact that the Vice Chancellor and Minister for Social Affairs are now taking up the issue. The responsible Minister for Economic Affairs, Kocher, should finally take action.”

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