Government announced a $6,000 bonus for retirees

The bonus, which will be paid on consecutive business days according to termination of DNI from April 18, will be 6,000 pesos for retirees, retirees, pensioners and pensioners who receive income up to a minimum amount, equivalent to 32,630 pesos, and those who have income from that figure to 38,630 pesos will receive the difference until completing said amount.

Through the Mobility Law passed in December 2020, pensions and pensions have been gradually recovering the purchasing power of social security assets, after having decreased by 20 percent in just two years with the formula of the previous government. In 2021 they accumulated a growth of 52.7 percent, beating the consumer price index, and in the first quarterly increase of this year they registered a rise of 12.28 percent.

The last bonus granted by the Government of Alberto Fernández dates from last December: it was for an amount of 8,000 pesos and the beneficiaries were retirees and pensioners with assets below $37,062.

Despite what was agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Government will grant new assistance so that one of the most vulnerable sectors can face the inflationary escalation. Regarding the points agreed upon with the credit institution, Argentina must “avoid discretionary increases in pensions and pensions as they can undermine fiscal goals and the sustainability of the system.”

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Last week, the Government Spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti indicated in her usual press conference that the bond intends that “retirement is not delayed with respect to inflation” and maintained: “Measures must also be taken and the Government analyzes all the possibilities so that the salary of the workers is not only enough to cover the basic basket but also to have a decent life.”

“In the distributive bid, businessmen have to win, but workers have to be able to cover their basket, live well and save. It is the objective and measures are going to be taken to strengthen it. The retiree bonus goes in that direction “, he claimed.

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