Government-Supported Hiring Assistance and Apprenticeship Expansion in 2024

2024-01-02 15:00:51

The government is maintaining hiring assistance in 2024

The government has just reversed course, to the delight of businesses and apprentices, by renewing hiring assistance which was initially due to end in July 2024. The Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, has thus confirmed that this bonus intended for companies will be maintained for the year 2024, in order to “ do not break the dynamic of apprenticeship contracts “. The amount of this aid remains set at 6,000 euros for the first year of the apprenticeship contract. A significant amount for many companies, the objective being to encourage them to invest in the training and integration of new talents.

Eligibility conditions remain broadly accessible, aiming to support a wide range of businesses and apprentice profiles. This hiring bonus is aimed at apprentices and employees under professionalization contracts under the age of 30. It is granted unconditionally to companies with fewer than 250 employees, and under certain conditions for larger ones. : the number of work-study students must represent at least 5% of their workforce, or between 3 and 5% if they can demonstrate an increase of 10% in the number of contracts signed over a given period. The government’s objective is to reach one million apprenticeship contracts signed by 2027.

Apprenticeship, a new pillar of employment for young people

Beyond the simple renewal of hiring assistance, the French government displays a resolute desire to broaden the horizons of apprenticeship. By adopting a text promoting an Erasmus of learning, this aims to give work-study students the opportunity to open up to the world, to live new experiences, and to acquire an enriching cultural awareness. This initiative is part of a more global vision of apprenticeship, considering it not only as a means of access to employment, but also as a path to personal and professional enrichment.

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And we can say that the hiring bonus has shown its effectiveness. “Year following year, the development of work-study programs proves itself,” s’The Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, is thus congratulated. The figures bear this out: at the end of October 2023, France had more than 1,017,500 apprentices, a number up 6.2% compared to October 2022, and + 2.8% across the entire country. year 2023.

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