Governor of Illinois, where the Highland Park shooting took place, called on citizens to “get angry” about gun violence in the US.

Jay Robert “JB” Pritzker, Governor of Illinois.

Joshua Lott / Getty Images

WASHINGTON – Illinois Governor Jay Robert “JB” Pritzker, a Democrat, called on Monday for people to “be angry” about gun violence in the United States.hours after a 22-year-old man killed six people and wounded 25 others in a mass shooting in the town of Highland Park.

“I am furious. I am furious that there are more innocent lives taken by gun violence,” Pritzker said, adding that despite the entire country “allowing this to continue to happen.”

The governor assured that he has held a conversation with the US president, Joe Biden, who “agreed that this madness must end.”

Pritzker, visibly angry, defended that July 4, Independence Day, is the perfect date to talk about this topic, since violence with firearms has become “a weekly tradition” in the United States.

“Our founding fathers carried muskets, not assault rifles”said the Democrat to explain that the framers of the US Constitution could not have had the right to buy these types of weapons in mind when they wrote it.

Authorities have identified the perpetrator of the shooting, which took place this morning during a parade to celebrate US Independence Day, as Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, a 22-year-old man who was arrested after an hour-long chase.

Although the type of weapon used by the attacker has not yet been disclosed (the police only referred to it as a “high caliber rifle”) in the videos of the event you can hear bursts of shots interrupted by what several witnesses considered moments of reloading the weapon.

The debate on access to firearms was reignited in the wake of the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed by an 18-year-old gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle he had recently purchased legally. more than a month.

The event helped Democratic and Republican representatives agree to approve a package of measures to deal with gun violence in the countrywhich includes a review of the gun purchase process for those under 21, but does not ban assault rifles, which is one of the main demands of progressives, including Biden.

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