Gradual recruitment of trainee pilots

In response to an oral question in the House of Representatives on the situation of RAM trainee pilots, Mr. Abdeljalil explained that “the recruitment offer in the subsidiary was in return for salaries equivalent to those offered by competing international companies, but relatively lower than their pre-pandemic level”.

And to recall the decision of the national company in 2015 to contribute to the training of several Moroccan pilots in Toulouse (France) by guaranteeing the credits contracted by the beneficiaries of the training, and to which RAM has given priority in terms of recruitment if necessary.

For their part, these trainee pilots affirmed through “documents signed by them, that the company is not obliged to hire them at the end of the training period”, made a point of specifying the Minister.

And to add that some of them have accepted the job offer at the RAM subsidiary, noting that other trainees, trained in other countries, have agreed to work under the same offer. .

In view of the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic which led to an almost total stoppage of air traffic for two years, RAM adopted a plan to control its expenses in order to ensure its sustainability and competitiveness, noted Ms. Abdeljalil, citing among the key measures taken, the sale of 10 planes out of a total of 60 and the launch of a staff departure operation.

The company, continues the Minister, has decided to revise its recruitment policy, including pilots, by hiring them in a 100% owned subsidiary. The objective being, he said, to adjust the company’s expenses with the current situation and to strengthen its competitiveness to guarantee its sustainability in an open market characterized by fierce competition.

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