Green’s Layup Controversy: Referee’s Report Clears Draymond Green of Violation in Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game

2023-11-05 05:55:38

Reporter Wen Zhenfu/Comprehensive Report

The Golden State Warriors played once morest the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday (4th), and relied on Stephen Curry’s key layup to narrowly win. However, during the process, Draymond Green jumped up and touched the basket. Did his scrambling action cause any obstruction? The layup sparked discussion; today the referee’s report came out, confirming that Green did not violate the rules, the goal was established, and the Thunder did not lose unjustly.

Green. (Photo/AP)

Yesterday, the Warriors tied with the Thunder 139-139 during the countdown in the fourth quarter. At this time, Curry held the ball and cut in from a 45-degree angle from the right for a layup, completing a near-win. However, just as the ball was scored, Green also He jumped up and tried to grab the rebound. In the process, his hand seemed to touch the basket and the ball. In the end, the referee determined that it was an obstruction to the basket and the ball did not count.

This decision caused controversy. If the ball did not count, the Thunder had the opportunity to push the battle to the overtime, but in the end the Thunder lost the game 139-141.

Now the referee’s report is out, and it reads: “After communicating with the replay center, the ruling that the offense interfered with the basket was overturned. There is clear and conclusive evidence that Green did not touch the ball. Although Green touched the basket, he did not touch the basket alone. Baskets are not once morest the rules.”

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In an interview following the game yesterday, Green also said that hitting the basket was not a hook, saying that he did not affect that shot.

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