Greens of Ecolo / Groen: List Leaders and Political Power in Brussels Municipalities

2023-06-24 10:57:00

The Greens of Ecolo / Groen designated and presented on Saturday, at a regional congress, their solo, duo or trio heads of lists in all of the 19 municipalities of the capital.

In several of the municipalities where they are associated with power, we find many of their current leaders.

This is the case in the City of Brussels where the aldermen Benoît Hellings, Zoubida Jellab, and Bart Dhont will occupy the first three places.

“Whites, often too old”: the Jong Groen are controversial within the Flemish green party

Ditto in Schaerbeek where the First Alderman, Vincent Van Halewyn, will draw the list in front of the regional deputies, Farida Tahar and Arnaud Verstraete (Groen); in Ixelles, where Ecolo mayor Christos Doulkeridis will appear as a duo with Alderman Audrey Lhoest; in Uccle where the list will be led by the First Alderman Thibaud Wyngaard and the Alderman Maëlle De Brouwer; in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre where the aldermen Caroline Lhoir and Antoine Bertrand will be in first place; in Saint-Gilles where these will be occupied by the alderwoman Catherine Moranville, and Francesco Iammarino; and in Anderlecht, where Alderman Nadia Kammachi will draw the list.

In Koekelberg, Alderman Marie Bijnens will lead the list alongside Krishna De Schutter. In Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, we find the aldermen Thibault Wauthier and Katia Van den Broucke.

Greens in the south of the country are preparing for the 2024 elections: “Ecology is the future of the Walloon economy…”

There is change in sight but not necessarily without relying on experience, in Jette, where the list will be led by MP Thomas Naessens and Alderman Nathalie De Swaef; in Forest, where the current mayor, Mariam El Hamidine, wanted to pass the baton and where the Ecolo-Groen MP Séverine de Laveleye will form the leading duo with Alderman Alain Mugabo; or even in Watermael-Boitsfort, where the mayor Olivier Deleuze has decided to hand over control, whatever happens. The chairman of the Environment Committee of the Brussels Parliament, Tristan Roberti will take first place alongside the young group leader Aurélie Sapa.

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