Guaranteed energy supply has entered the critical period of peak winter, and state-owned central enterprises are making every effort to improve quality and efficiency to ensure energy supply – Teller Report Teller Report

Guaranteed energy supply has entered the critical period of peak winter, and state-owned central enterprises are making every effort to improve quality and efficiency to ensure energy supply

At present, it is the winter heating season in the northern region, and the energy supply guarantee has entered a critical period to meet the peak winter. A reporter from the “Economic Information Daily” learned on January 4 that the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has recently deployed further high-quality guarantees for supply, and targeted central enterprises such as coal, power generation, power grids, petroleum and petrochemicals, and pipeline networks to implement classified and precise policies to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises. Improve quality and increase efficiency to ensure supply.

According to the requirements, coal enterprises should speed up the process of capacity increase procedures, do a good job in the orderly connection of production organizations, and release advanced production capacity as soon as possible; they must take the lead in implementing the medium and long-term contract price mechanism for thermal coal to ensure the three “100 points” of contract signing, contract performance, and price execution %”.

Power generation enterprises should use the special debt funds for energy supply guarantee on the “knife edge”, store more coal and store coal well, so as to ensure that the peak power generation has coal and does not shut down; Local power plants should produce as much power as possible and be able to do so to help fill the gap in local power supply and heating.

Power grid companies should continue to optimize and improve their cross-provincial and cross-regional dispatching capabilities, guide users to shift peaks and avoid peaks, ensure that demand response is prioritized, orderly power consumption is guaranteed, and power cuts are strictly prohibited.

Petroleum and petrochemical and pipeline network companies must efficiently and fully implement the requirements for guaranteed supply and resources, speed up the construction of gas storage facilities, scientifically judge and actively respond to the increase in people’s livelihood gas demand caused by extreme weather, and ensure stable supply.

State-owned central enterprises, as the main force of energy supply, undertake more than 90% of oil and gas supply, more than 60% of electricity supply and more than 25% of coal supply.

Since the end of September 2021, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has organized a comprehensive campaign to ensure energy supply, increased policy support, and promoted state-owned capital operation companies and power generation companies to issue 200 billion yuan of special bonds for energy supply guarantee for capital injection. At the same time, special assessment bonus points and special bonuses for total wages will be implemented for central enterprises undertaking the task of guaranteeing supply, so as to support and guide central energy enterprises to actively do a good job in guaranteeing supply.

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Power generation companies purchase thermal coal at any cost, effectively ensuring that peak electricity consumption can be generated and covered. Since 2022, central power generation enterprises have generated a total of 5 trillion kWh, accounting for 63.1% of the national total, 8.4 percentage points higher than the installed capacity of central enterprises, and an increase of 5.9 percentage points year-on-year.

Coal enterprises took the lead in implementing the coal long-term cooperation mechanism, and went all out to increase production and stabilize prices. Since 2022, the average daily coal output of central enterprises has been 2.96 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 7.6%, a record high. China National Energy Group and China Coal Group took the lead in implementing medium and long-term power coal contracts. The signing rate of self-produced coal contracts reached 93.6%, and the performance rate was nearly 100%. Since 2021, the cumulative profit sharing has exceeded 240 billion yuan.

Power grid companies have stepped up cross-regional surplus and mutual assistance to make up for the gap to the maximum extent and ensure safety. Since the end of September 2021, the two companies, State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, have organized more than 3,000 cross-regional and cross-provincial supports, with a power of nearly 50 billion kwh.

Petroleum and petrochemical enterprises have strengthened scheduling and coordination to effectively ensure the supply and stability of gas consumption in winter. On the basis of ensuring the high-level operation of gas fields, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and other enterprises have steadily promoted the exploration and development of shale gas, accelerated the construction of offshore gas fields, and increased the acquisition of imported oil and gas resources. In 2022, the self-produced natural gas will reach 189.99 billion cubic meters , an increase of 7.1% year-on-year; the total inventory reached 17.72 billion cubic meters, an increase of 17.2% year-on-year, and the task of guaranteeing natural gas resources of 175 billion cubic meters this winter and next spring has been fully implemented. (Reporter Wang Lu)

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