Hailstorm Causes Major Pileup on A11 Motorway: Witness Accounts and Injuries Reported

2023-11-29 16:58:00

A road accident involving ten cars and two trucks occurred this Wednesday afternoon on the A11 motorway near Ramskapelle, in the direction of Bruges, reports et Latest News. The major pileup was apparently caused by a hailstorm.

“There was suddenly a hailstorm. I was driving when my wife warned me that a truck was stopped. I had the reflex to stop, but another car stopped. drove into it. Then several other cars collided. It all happened so quickly. We were very lucky.”declared a Dutch motorist who witnessed the accident to our Flemish colleagues.

Wim was involved in the pileup, he says: “It suddenly became very slippery. I started to slow down because the truck in front of me was doing the same and then I was hit by two cars behind me. Fortunately, I escaped with a few scratches. All s It went by so quickly.”

Three people were injured and taken to hospital.

pileup accident

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