“Hamster” infected with coronavirus, Hong Kong ordered to kill 2,000 to prevent spread

Hong Kong has ordered the slaughter of 2,000 hamsters after 11 hamsters imported from the Netherlands tested positive for COVID-19, and imports were suspended. or sell hamsters

Hong Kong has ordered the slaughter of 2,000 hamsters today, after 11 hamsters were found to be infected with COVID-19, all imported from the Netherlands. along with an order to suspend the import or sell hamsters They also sent officials to spray disinfectants and shut down several pet stores.

The discovery of the infection in the hamster was due to an investigation by officials. It was found that there was a mass infection that originated from a pet store employee. This leads to the detection of various animal pathogens in the shop and in the neighborhood. Rabbits and chinchillas were also tested, but no infection was found.

source: Archyde.com


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