Hani Al-Nazer: Do not use loofah, because it will contain bacteria that cause skin problems

Dr. Hani Al-Nazer, Professor of Dermatology and former head of the National Research Center, provided some important tips for treating the Nile fever, some summer and summer diseases, and how to moisturize the skin and protect the skin from wrinkles.

He said that Hama El Nile is many red pills that spread throughout the body, and the child continues to suffer from “scratching all night,” and the reason for calling it Hama El Nile is that before the construction of the High Dam, a flood occurred in August and September, floods of the Nile occurred, and Hama Nile had nothing to do with the flood. , but it used to come at the time of the Nile flood, where the atmosphere enjoys high humidity and high air temperature, and therefore it was called the “Hamma of the Nile” any time the Nile flood occurred, but it has nothing to do with the Nile, and the reason is the high temperature and humidity together, which leads to the non-evaporation of sweat, and collect In the sweat glands and are full of salts and toxins, and they fill and then explode, which leads to severe inflammation and burning and leads to the appearance of a rash and burning of the skin.:

1. Wear a cotton undershirt under clothes, because it absorbs SweatAnd not to wear clothes containing synthetic threads during the day, because it leads to stifling sweat and works to heat the body, and causes sweating, so it is necessary to wear loose cotton clothes during the day..

2. Not showering with hot water during hot weather, because when my body is inflamed and I take a bath with hot water, it increases inflammation, because hot water works to expand the arteries, which leads to blood flow in the skin, so the degree of inflammation increases, for example, when I burn with hot water, the place that fell on it Hot water turns red. If we put hot water on it, it increases inflammation in the summer. Therefore, it is better to take a shower with “tap water” and not with ice water..

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3. “Loofah Plus” is our Egyptian habit, which is bathing with a loofah, because the loofah is a plant made of natural fibers, and when it is left wet in the bathroom, bacteria accumulate on it and microbes grow on it, and this appears through the formation of fungi and black bacteria on the loofah as a result of leaving it wet for a long time in the bathroom. I took a bath with it, it affects the skin, leads to infections, affects the skin, complexion and freshness.

He added that you should shower with ordinary soap only without a loofah, and people think that a loofah leads to the disposal of body dirt, and this is not true because soap performs this role and works on the cleanliness of the skin and skin, and gets rid of all dirt on the skin, as we are the only country that uses loofah, industrial loofah does not It grows microbes, so it can be used.

4- To treat Nile fever, we use calamine lotion, take a bath with cold water 3 times a day, and take histamine tablets.

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