He chased, ran over and killed the thief who had stolen his cell phone

Another act of insecurity ended in tragedy in the city of Buenos Aires when a 28-year-old man had his cell phone stolen in The slaughter y he did not hesitate to chase the thief to recover it. Aboard his car, the driver followed the assailant on his escape path until he hit him in Villa Lugano.

The violent episode occurred on Saturday night. It all started when a criminal, also 28 years old, snatched the phone from a man who was on board a brand car. volkswagen pointers, In the town of Villa Celinain the party of La Matanza.

The victim, shocked by what happened, He did not hesitate to start a chase to find the criminal and get your phone back. She did it aboard her vehicle and for several blocks until she reached the junction of General Paz Avenue and the Dellepiane highway.

One of the defendants acknowledged having stolen the newborn baby in La Matanza

At that intersection, it was when he ran over ezekiel ayalaindicated as the author of the robbery.

death and protest

As reported by the news agency THAT, the coup had a fatal outcome because the offender died on the spot and was found by the police under the vehicle of the victim of the robbery, who was immediately arrested by members of the 8A Neighborhood Police Station.

One of the protests that took place in the summer in La Matanza against insecurity.

The order came from the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 26 of the city of Buenos Aires, He classified the act as “homicide”.

Simultaneously, SAME personnel verified the death of the alleged offender, who hours later was recognized by his father. After the fact, a group of relatives and friends of the fatal victim approached the scene, who after finishing the police work, They staged a protest to demand justice.

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Video: this is how they beat a woman and triggered her twice to rob her in La Matanza

Meanwhile, the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor No. 26 is working to define the procedural situation of the detainee and seeks to collect evidence to establish how the event ended with a dead person.

cases on the rise

The incident occurred in the middle of a escalation of the diffusion of episodes of insecurity in the Buenos Aires suburbs and in the city of Buenos Aires. Without going any further, he revealed that in the last few hours a man was murdered in La Matanza by criminals who tried to steal his car.

In the same vein, last week there was a demonstration by residents of Villa Madero at a police station to complain about the case of a man who was shot in the middle of a robbery. There was tension and destruction at the headquarters of the delegation.


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