He wanted to exchange Argentine pesos at an airport in the United States and the reaction of the cashier left him speechless

An event that took place in Dallas, United StatesIt generated a stir on social media. The protagonist? A young man who went to the airport bank to exchange Argentine pesos for US dollars. Although at first he expressed that everything was going normally, the situation became hilarious when they observed the cashier’s reaction to seeing the bills. The moment generated a debate among users, who emphasized the swings that the Argentine economy is experiencing. “We did the test”expressed Matthiaswho made the publication, in statements to THE NATION.

The young economist was in charge of revealing what happened on his TikTok account. Over there, shared a clip in which showed the five $1000 bills he took from his pocket with the intention of receiving US dollars. After this, she proceeded to line up at the exchange house and went to the cashier.

The moment in which they went to exchange Argentine pesos for US dollars

In a joking tone, he asked him if he accepted Argentine pesos, without imagining his reaction: first, he looked at him with a slight smile, and then, he burst out laughing. Although his intention was demonstrated in the filming, Matías clarified that his purpose was different. “We were doing a layover and clearly we did the test in jest, we did not intend to exchange pesos there,” he explained.

The situation gave rise to his more than 15,000 followers to give their opinion about it and generate a debate with endless points of view on the economic situation of the country. “Those of Monopoly they are worth more for sure”, joked a user, who alluded to the popular board game. “I didn’t even know of its existence for sure,” said another. “How sad to know that every time Argentina falls and that our money is worth lesslamented a young woman.

Likewise, others took the opportunity to comment on similar experiences that they lived in other places. “I visited 12 countries and none of them changed them”, said one person. “To me -surprisingly- I changed them at the bank in New York and in Boston without problems, it depends on where you go”, commented a man. “In Spain they don’t change them either, they made the same face for my mother,” said another. “When I went to London, in an exchange house I saw the price of the ARS at $0.00,” said a follower.

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Some users focused on the permanent inflation that exists in the country and the depreciation of money over the years. Let us remember that since its launch, in December 2017, the $1,000 note lost 86% of its dollar value. “That’s where you realize what our currency is for outsiders… it’s a joke,” “The sad reality of Argentines”, “When are we going to understand that money here is a bonus? It has no value, it is a wallpaper”, are some of the messages in this regard.

The smile of the North American cashier when seeing the Argentine pesosTik Tok @mtbelfort

Although Matías did not clarify it in the publication, many users began to wonder why he made the decision to exchange bills in the United States. “They never changed $ for dollars. You have to buy them before you travel… We all know it”, wrote a user, who responded to the concerns of other people.

In less than 24 hours, the post received 69 thousand I like it and a million views. Until now, the opinions of those who experienced similar situations in various exchange houses still continue.

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