Here are the best simple, magic tricks to melt belly fat

Abdominal fat or visceral fat, the importance of getting rid of it is not just a cosmetic issue. It is also and above all a question of health. Indeed, this type of fat is the most toxic according to experts in the field. Because it is an internal fat, lodged around the vital organs. Health experts who specify in particular that excess abdominal fat is an aggravating factor in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Objection therefore invites you to discover the advice of Aurélie Guerri, dietitian nutritionist, in a video of Doctissimo. But we will also tell you about exercises specifically adapted to work this area of ​​the body.

Abdominal fat: Tips to eliminate it and to refine its size

Dietitian nutritionist Aurélie Guerri first explains that abdominal fat, or visceral fat, can result from a certain sedentary lifestyle or a dietary imbalance. In fact, people who gain weight generally eat foods that have a high glycemic index or foods that are too high in saturated fat. According to her, a dietary rebalancing is necessary before starting a activity targeted physique to melt abdominal fat. Also, she points out that you often have to relearn how to eat slowly by chewing your food well. Indeed, the feeling of satiety then comes more quickly and we will tend to eat less, quite naturally.

But Aurélie Guerri doesn’t just talk about food. According to her, and Objection cannot contradict it, food rebalancing is essential but it is accompanied by several other complementary “tricks”. It therefore does not require regular physical activity. This nutrition expert then recommends activities such as running since it requires a certain endurance. Next, she emphasizes the importance of restful sleep. Because the quality of sleep influences our body. For it to work well, it will therefore be necessary to be careful to sleep 8 hours a night. Finally, she invites her listeners to limit stress. But Aurélie Guerri is aware that this is undoubtedly easier said than done. So, she advises us to practice meditation, yoga or cardiac coherence exercises. Because here again, stress can disrupt our body and promote the storage of fat.

Once all these tips are in place, let’s now discover targeted exercises to melt abdominal fat effectively.

Specific abdominal exercises

According to our colleagues from the online magazine Health Press, the abdominal area is made up of three specific areas. The upper portion of the abdomen, the lower portion and the lateral portions. Muscle these areas will therefore melt abdominal fat but not only. It can also improve your posture and prevent you from back pain, for example.

  • To work the upper abdominal area, you must first lie on the floor. Then, spread your feet so that they line up with your shoulders. Place your hands behind your head, crossing them to form a sort of cushion. Elbows should stay apart. You will then contract your abs to bring your chin up as close to your knees as possible. Breathe well and repeat the exercise.
  • The lower part of the abdominals is worked in another way. To melt lower abdominal fat, lie down on your back. Straighten your legs and keep your arms along your body. Then squeeze your legs together and raise them as high as you can. All while being careful not to take off the back of the ground.
  • Finally, the lateral area of ​​the abdominals will also be worked on the ground. To eliminate abdominal fat accumulated around the hips in particular. Lie on the floor and bend your knees as in the first exercise. Also as in the first exercise, place your hands behind your head. But this time, you can move your elbows. The exercise will consist of bringing his right elbow closer to his left knee. Then, alternately, the left elbow to the right knee. You can also vary the exercise by keeping your back on the ground and alternately bringing your knees towards your elbows.
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To finish, Objection invites you to follow this last exercise shared by our colleagues from Health Press. This is an exercise in isometrics. Again, a very effective trick to melt abdominal fat. But also to improve posture or increase muscle strength. It consists of doing the plank. And our readers will not be surprised to read that there are different ways to perform this exercise. Body straight or bent, on the knees, on the hands or on the forearms, several variables are allowed. The whole thing is to contract the whole body and hold the posture as long as possible.

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