Hezbollah Increasing Frequency of Anti-Armor Missile Launches Toward Israeli Military Points and Settlements

2023-12-12 07:55:47

Israeli media indicate an increasing frequency of launching anti-armor missiles by Hezbollah towards Israeli military points and settlements.

  • Yesterday, the Israeli settlement of “Metulla” was targeted on the Lebanese-Palestinian border

Israeli media confirmed, today, Tuesday, that Hezbollah missiles directed against its points and our settlements have become more accurate and dangerous with time.

Israeli Channel 13 correspondent, Shlomi Eldar, said that the settlements of “Metula, Shtula, Kiryat Shmona and other settlements adjacent to the border with Lebanon are within range of Hezbollah missiles all the time.”

He pointed out that “Hezbollah is present near the border and is increasing the firing of anti-tank missiles,” adding that the firing “against Israeli positions has become more accurate and dangerous.”

Eldar also answered a question about the reason for the danger of Hezbollah’s anti-armor missiles, saying that Hezbollah fired missiles yesterday that hit 15 targets in Metulla, adding that Hezbollah’s missiles have become a major threat because “Israeli sirens are ineffective against them.”

For his part, the correspondent of the Israeli Kan channel in northern occupied Palestine pointed out that Hezbollah targeted Metulla yesterday to maintain the equation that was announced earlier, which is a civilian versus a “civilian” (settler), and therefore its response in Metulla “came after the killing of Mukhtar.” One of the Lebanese villages (the mayor of the town of Taybeh) after a bombing targeted the village by the Israeli army.

Yesterday, Israeli media reported, once again, that “Hezbollah’s hand is still the upper hand in the north,” and this is the second time this description has been applied to the field situation on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

The former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Division, Amos Yadlin, had previously said that “Nasrallah’s hand is uppermost in the north,” referring to the superiority of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon in the ongoing confrontations with the occupation, on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

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In turn, Channel 13’s correspondent in the north, Shlomi Aldar, described what is happening in the north as a “war of missiles against armor.”

He said, “The Israelis in the Second Lebanon War (2006) stayed at home and viewed the Katyusha as the most threatening weapon, but anti-armor missiles have become the most threatening weapon today.”

A few days ago, the head of the Israeli settlement of Metulla (a settlement located off the eastern sector of southern Lebanon on the Lebanese-Palestinian border), David Azoulay, confirmed that all “civilian” infrastructure in the Israeli settlements located within 4 kilometers of the border with Lebanon is not working due to… The targeting carried out by Hezbollah.

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