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Kochi: The accused in the case of beating up two sisters in Nadurod in Malappuram Thenjipalam has been granted interim bail. CH, a native of Tirurangadi, Malappuram. Ibrahim Shabir was granted interim bail by the high court till May 19. If the accused is arrested during this period, he will be released on bail. The court will hear detailed arguments on the accused’s anticipatory bail after the summer recess.

The incident took place on April 16 at Thenjipalam Panampura on the National Highway. The scooter passengers were identified as Hasna Aziz of Parappanangadi and her sister Hamna Aziz. Ibrahim Shabeer was beaten in the middle of the road. The cause of the beating was questioned by the sisters of Shabeer’s dangerous driver who was traveling in the car. Earlier, the car overtook the scooter on the left side at excessive speed. The sisters then honked and drove off and reacted against the dangerous driving. Later, on the Panambra descent, Shabeer crossed the car and stopped the girls. The young man got out of the car and beat the girls in the middle of the road. The complainant alleged that he slapped her in the face five times. Video footage of the beating was also released.

The sisters had lodged a complaint in the incident but the police tried to settle the case. The police arrested the accused and released him on bail. Later, when the incident was reported in the media, the police decided to charge more and record the detailed statement of the complainant. Defendant Ibrahim Shabeer had approached the high court seeking bail after imposing serious provisions in the case.

At the same time, the complainant, Asna Aziz, responded that it was doubtful whether the police had deliberately delayed the proceedings to grant bail to the accused. ‘We’ve been following this case for a while. Today we even knew they had approached for bail. The accused was first arrested and released on station bail by the police. Then came the cyber attack against us. Despite handing over evidence in the case, the police did nothing. By this we mean that the law is only for those who have money and political influence. There is still no progress in the case. The police intervened after the news broke in the media. The police are handling the case lazily. No information is provided to us. The only way to get an answer is to call it quits, “said Aziz Aziz.

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