Hilmi Türkay: ‘The line is interesting’

After closing the European book, Fenerbahce embraced the Super League, and Alanyaspor’s victory was welcomed with joy. Coach Jorge Jesus is very happy with both the game and the different score. The Portuguese coach said, “We stumbled, now it’s G. Saray’s turn to stagger. The 6 points between us should not be raised that much,” he said. Jesus replied to a question regarding the referees, “Referee errors have started to be exaggerated recently. They need to be more careful. Rossi’s goal was clear. The line drawn by VAR and the offside decision was interesting.” Fenerbahçe will play a special match with the Russian team Zenit at Ülker Stadium on March 23 at 19.00 during the national break. Proceeds of the match will be donated to earthquake victims. Jesus will give the team 3 days off following this match, and he will go to Portugal with his team. Jesus, who received a red card for the second time this season, will not be able to lead his team in the Beşiktaş derby.


Bad news came from 3 names injured in Alanyaspor match in Fenerbahçe. Internal meniscus injury due to knee trauma was detected in Valencia. The scorer’s situation will be re-evaluated in the coming days. Muscle injury was determined in King and Achilles tendinopathy in Oosterwolde.


A signing ceremony was held for captain Altay Bayındır, whose contract was extended for 4 years, with the participation of Chairman Ali Koç. Ali Koç said, “I have no doubt that Altay will continue to be a symbol in Fenerbahçe and an exemplary athlete and personality in Turkish football.” “I am very happy to fight on the field with this great community for 4 more years,” Altay said.

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