His brother tells what really happened with the police

2023-09-20 15:11:16

Yesterday, Tuesday, Marie Guéye lost her life in Ngor. According to family members, she died after an altercation with police. His brother, Pape Alioune Guéye, recounted the facts.

According to him, it was around 10 p.m. that a gendarme came to ask him for his national identity card. But the discussion between the gendarme and Marie Guéye will quickly degenerate and the gendarme would have called Marie “women of loose morals”. According to Pape Alioune Guéye, the gendarmes then forced the young lady to get into their car and violently hit her. “They then fled when Marie stopped reacting,” he added in comments reported by Pressafrik,

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Her family members tried to take her to the hospital for treatment, but Marie Guéye died en route. Members of the deceased’s family have announced a complaint and plan, with the population of Ngor, to take to the streets to denounce this tragedy.

For information, in recent days, the gendarmes have been carrying out several patrols in Ngor to flush out criminals, prostitutes, drug dealers, etc. Several dozen people were arrested last weekend alone on the island of Ngor, some for prostitution without a permit, others for selling drugs and other crimes. And often, to access certain areas of Ngor, the gendarmes ask for identification.

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