HOGERS Indonesia Holds Drag Race of National Event at PIK – 2024-03-14 10:17:19

HOGERS Indonesia announces the implementation of the 2nd HI-DRONE at PIK, next May. (DOK. HOGERS Indonesia)

CONTINUING the successful implementation of the event entitled the 1st HOGERS Indonesia Drag Race of National Event (HI-DRONE) in November 2023, HOGERS Indonesia officially announced the implementation of the 2nd HI-DRONE which will take place on 17-18 May 2024 at the Beach Indah Kapuk 2 (PIK) North Jakarta.

Director of HOGERS Indonesia, Yudi Djadja said that HI-DRONE was formed to be a tool for automotive enthusiasts. It is hoped that this event can channel the hobby of Harley Davidson straight track speed race fans in Indonesia (Drag Race) and also serve as a gathering place for fellow automotive fans, especially Harley Davidson, to strengthen brotherhood and solidarity.

“Seeing the high enthusiasm and interest from owners, racers and fans, especially Harley Davidson, in the 1st HI-DRONE, seen in the number of participants and starters reaching more than 650, we are happy to hold the 2nd HI-DRONE series on next May 17-18,” explained Yudi Djadja in his statement, Saturday (9/3).

This 2nd HI-DRONE series will once more combine two race tracks which are usually held in two different events, namely 201 and 402 while the total length of the circuit used is 900 meters.

“In order to ensure the smoothness and safety of the race, all participants are required to follow the rules set by the organizers of the 2nd HI DRONE series, namely carrying out scrutineering or a thorough inspection stage, each participant is also required to have a KIS (Start Permit Card) issued by the Indonesian Motorcycle Association ( IMI) including the use of safety gear.” explained Yudi.

Also present were Director of Commercial Convention and Exhibition Agung Sedayu Group Ryan Adrian, Director of IMI Mobility Joel D Mastana, and Chairman of IMI Banten Tubagus Roy. Also present were HOGERS Indonesia administrators, including Suhendro Slamet as the Organizing Committee and Police Commissioner Djoni Hendra, SH Kapusdik Then Lemdiklat Polri.

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On the same occasion, Ristiawan as Vice Director and Organizing Committee said that the 2nd series of the HI-DRONE event was expected to help grow the community’s economy through the MSME industry because it involved many workshops and motorbike transport service businesses (towing).

Also different from the 1st series of HI-DRONE, the 2nd series of HI-DRONE invites culinary MSMEs who are members of the BARBAZAR community to participate in opening their business stands at this event.

“Aside from the MSME sector, the creative industry is also encouraged by HOGERS Indonesia through free music performances,” concluded Ristiawan.

The classes being competed are as follows, Bracket (16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 09), Type Twin Cam (Sportster Non S, Softail, Dyna, Touring), Type Milwaukee 8 (Sportster S, Cruiser , and Touring), as well as Free For All (FFA) for all types of Harley Davidson and FAST (Free All Self Throttle) for all types.

HOGERS Indonesia is a community of Harley Davidson motorbike lovers in Indonesia which was founded in 1998. The main aim of this community is to serve as a forum for its members to channel their hobby of riding Harley Davidson motorbikes as well as holding various social activities and meetings together. (RO/R-1)

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