Hokkaido University Undergraduate Kanato Yanameike Bear Attack Tragedy Investigation Results

2023-11-24 10:37:13

A 22-year-old male undergraduate from Hokkaido University, Japan, Kanato Yanameike went hiking at the end of October this year, but his whereregardings were unknown from the day he set off. Search and rescue personnel did not find his body lying in Daichigendake in Fukushima Town, Hokkaido until November 2. , the body was severely damaged, and there was a bear body nearby, it was determined that Yainaike was probably attacked by a bear. The investigation results came out today (24th), and the forensic doctor confirmed that there were parts of human bodies in the bear’s stomach. After DNA comparison, it was confirmed that it came from Ya Naike.

According to the Japanese media “Hokkaido Shimbun”, 22-year-old Ike Souto Yana lives in Hakodate City, Hokkaido. He is a fourth-year student in the Fisheries Department of Hokkaido University. He went hiking on October 29 at Daichiken in southern Hokkaido. Yue, but Yanaike lost contact following leaving the house that day. It was not until November 2 that his body was found near the 6th station of Daichigendake. The body of another bear regarding 125 cm long was also found not far away. .

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The police recovered the bear’s body and conducted a DNA test on the contents of its stomach. The results were released on the 24th, confirming that they were consistent with the DNA of the deceased Ya Naike, and further confirmed that Ya Naike was attacked by a bear. He died. His body was severely injured due to a very violent attack. The cause of death should be hemorrhagic shock.

In addition, Yanaike’s body showed signs of being buried with soil. It is speculated that the bear that attacked Yanaike wanted to preserve his body as food. After attacking Yana Pond on October 29, the bear attacked three other people who were climbing Daichigendake that day on the 31st. However, the three people happened to be trained firefighters and fought back with knives. The bear’s neck was slashed to a major artery, causing fatal injuries, and the bear later died.

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It is understood that the three firefighters were halfway up the mountain and were resting when the bear suddenly appeared and actively attacked the firefighters. The bear that attacked four people in a row was a young male bear. It is speculated that it may be actively attacking other humans because it wants to protect food.

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