Household Matters Getting Hotter, Sarah to Rizal Djibran: He Said He Has Hijrah!


The bad experience Sarah received while building a household made her no longer want to stay as Rizal Djibran’s wife.

Sarah admitted that Rizal Djibran had received acts of domestic violence and sexual violence that were considered deviant. Sarah also said that Rizal often came home late at night drunk.

Even though Rizal Djibran himself claimed to have repented and migrated.

“By the way, I’ve emigrated, it’s changed, I don’t know, it’s 180 degrees different. The temperament, if emotions like to explode,” Sarah said, met at Studio Trans7, Mampang area, South Jakarta on Monday (20/2/2022).

Sarah also admitted that Rizal Djibran often got angry and had a temper when he asked carefully about the reason why her husband came home at night drunk.

Every time he comes home at night, Rizal Djibran cannot properly answer Sarah’s questions.

“At work, he always came home late at night. Previously, the reason for coming home at 2-3 was he said he had meetings every day, so I just believed it. But every time he came home at 2-3 he was drunk, if he came home early he was not drunk,” explained Sarah.

Sarah did not deny that she did know her husband’s behavior before they decided to get married. During taaruf, Sarah asked about Rizal’s case, who had previously had a drug problem. However, Rizal admitted that he had improved himself and emigrated.

“At the time of Taaruf, I had the chance to ask, yes, he had tripped over a case before, yes, I don’t need to mention it, that’s what I was able to ask. ‘Are you still like that until now?’ “No, that’s slander,” he said. “I’m not like that, I’ve emigrated,” said Sarah.

Until finally when they got married Rizal’s bad character began to emerge. Sarah was grateful that her marriage was over.

“In fact, Sarah herself is very grateful if her destiny is to separate. This is a lesson to know that men have to be more careful, right,” said Sarah’s lawyer, Tris Harijanto, on the same occasion.

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Meanwhile, Rizal Djibran’s party gave an answer regarding the allegations of sexual deviation that were disclosed by Sarah.

“For those with sexual deviations, I cannot say that it was wrong or right. This is for the realm of law to prove that this sexual deviation is related to a household problem,” said Mila Ayu Dewanta Sari, Rizal Djibran’s lawyer when met at B7, Tebet, South Jakarta on Monday (20/2/2022).

Mila said that it was unethical to disclose this matter to the public. Moreover, Mila herself did not directly see what Sarah accused Rizal of, so it is still unclear.

“It would not be wise if I conveyed what actually happened. Because I, as a lawyer, did not see it directly. When I saw it, there was evidence that was inclined to corner our client, so I will convey it,” he said.

“But because it’s all still gray, I won’t convey it here. And that’s part of our process of respecting the law,” he concluded.

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