How about increasing your walking speed by 250%?

A robotics company in the United States has funded through a Kickstarter campaign the development of the world’s fastest robotic shoes. With a maximum speed of 11 km/h, they offer an alternative to electric scooters for getting around town and allow you to walk 250% faster! If you want to get going without breaking a sweat, you should take a look at these innovations available from summer 2023.

Here are the fastest shoes in the world! At least, that’s the claim of their builder Shift Robotics. The firm, which emerged from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Moonwalkers motorized shoes. If they look like a simple pair of electric roller skates, they differ in the way they are used.

Moonwalkers attach to most shoes and can speed up walking by 250%, according to Shift Robotics. Each shoe is equipped with eight wheels and a 300 motor wattswattsfor a total weight of 1.9 kilogramkilogram. To move forward, just walk normally. The motors accompany the movementmovement and achieve a vitessevitesse 11 km/h. It would be similar to the feeling of walking on a moving walkway in an airport or on the subway.

Moonwalkers speed up walking, but can also be blocked with a simple gesture to be able to climb stairs. © Shift Robotics

Launch scheduled for spring 2023

The shoes are equipped with sensors and machine learning algorithms to adapt the power of the motors to the walking speed of the wearer. The faster you walk, the more they accelerate. They are articulated at the toes to allow a more natural movement. With simple movements it is possible to block the wheels so that you can stop or climb stairsstairs safely. Moonwalkers can go from maximum speed to a complete stop in less than a meter.

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The batteries charge in 1h30 and offer a range of up to nearly 10 kilometers. The first shoes should be delivered from March 2023, for those who were able to have the first pairs at the reduced price of 799 dollars. Currently, it is still possible to buy shoes at 1,099 euros, a discount of 21% compared to the planned final price of 1,399 euros.

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