How much does it take to live with dignity?

A person living alone needs an income between $25,128 and $34,814 to live with dignity, out of poverty, in seven cities in Quebec, according to the results of a study released Thursday.

The “viable” income index of the Institute for Socioeconomic Research and Information (IRIS) was calculated according to three types of households, showing disparities between Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Saguenay, Trois-Rivières and Sept. -He is.

For a couple with two children in a CPE, they need an average living wage of $65,000 in Montreal and Gatineau and $70,000 if they live in Sept-Îles, while a single parent with one child needs an income of approximately $42,000.

The study observes that the cost of transport strongly influences the calculation of viable income, which increases in localities where public transport is very limited in a context of sharply rising fuel prices.

“In Quebec, about one person in five lives below the viable income threshold,” said researcher Julia Posca, adding that the increase in the minimum wage from $13.50 per hour to $14.25 per hour is far from enough to reach the level of viable income.

“Working full time, it takes at least $18 an hour to get there. In some localities, this hourly rate is insufficient”, illustrated the researcher, who explains that the financial assistance of $500 offered by Quebec is clearly insufficient to counter the effects of inflation.

“The various income support programs are already insufficient. They should be improved and adjusted according to inflation rather than offering a one-time check to everyone,” she recommended.

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