How to add programs to start with Windows 10?

2023-08-09 13:40:00

Having a fast Windows startup is essential for the vast majority of users, and in Windows 10, it’s better than ever. However, over time, users tend to install more and more software on their machines that run along with the Operating System startup, which can take a little longer.

It is possible to disable the software that starts with Windows 10 through the Task Manager, however, if you want to add an important program or one that needs to be run every time your machine is turned on, this process becomes a little complex.

In this tutorial, learn how to access the “secret” folder that allows you to start any programs with your computer, even those that are not in the Task Manager.

How to add programs to start with Windows 10?

1. Click the Windows search button, then type “To execute” and click on the application “To execute“, which will appear as a search result. Another option you have is to simply press the keys Windows+R;

2. In the Open field, type shell:startup and then click on “OK“;

3. Choose a program on your computer that you want to open when Windows starts up, right-click on it and then “Copy“. If you prefer, you can just select it and press the keys Ctrl+C.

4. In the folder that we opened with the Windows execution application, we are going to paste the shortcut for the application that we want to open together with the Windows startup, therefore, right-click on its file directory and then click on “To paste” or, if you prefer, just press the buttons Ctrl+V.

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5. Now let’s check if the software is in fact on the list of programs to start with Windows, for that, just right-click on the Windows taskbar and then click on “Task Manager“.

6. As you can see, the application is already on the list of software to start with Windows 10. If you want it to stop running with the operating system, just click on it and then on the “disable“.

Ready! Now you know how to enable apps to run along with Windows 10 startup.

If you still have any questions regarding this tutorial or would like to see another step by step done by us, leave your comment below, it will be a pleasure to help you! đŸ˜‰

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