how to create the worst possible player?

Up for the replay, lezgo. In last night’s coffee go, we talk about skills, but starting from the end, sinceafter imagining together the best possible player, we are talking this time about the most broken player in the world. Come, come quickly, because the result is incredible.

For the YouTube channel of your favorite site, it’s here.

How do you create the baddest player there is? From NBA players only? This is the mission that we gave ourselves yesterday, together, in the preamble to a night that still offered some crazy things, didn’t Ivica Zubac. Rudy Gobert dribbling and serving Facundo Campazzo at the post? Doc Rivers who draws a system for a ball exit signed DeAndre Jordan bound for Ben Simmons in the corner? What are we laughing at but no spoiler, we let you discover the advantages of this horror of perfect counter-player created by your care, live.

You know the song, we settle in cushy and we love our lives while talking about the orange balloon. We kiss all those who were with us last night and we hope to meet the others very soon, in this institution that has become the Go Night Café. Come on, shoo, send the replay!

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