How To Stay Safe When Gambling Online

Betting and special offer lotteries are the only types of internet gambling currently legal for private businesses in Poland – and only from licenced casinos. However, according to laws approved by the Polish government in July 2016, online legal casino games and poker will be normalized as well. Internet sports betting is now only available through licensed internet operators in Poland.

These securities are in place for good reason. Though online casinos provide fair bonuses, they can also lead to exposure to malware and other viruses and scams. Expert on the Polish gambling scene, Jacek Michalski says, “Każde kasyno online polska mogłoby skorzystać z niezbędnych zabezpieczeń, zanim stanie się dostępne dla wszystkich.”

If you’d like to read more about Jacek’s opinions, you can follow him here. In this article, he tells you everything you can do to safeguard yourself while playing at online casinos. Not everything in life needs to be found out through trial and error – just like your musical tastes – so heed his words, and let’s get started!

Do Your Research

Don’t sign up for the first website that catches your eye. Spend some time instead learning about the site’s history and track record.

The first thing you should look for is a site license. The presence of a license signifies that the online casino adheres to specific laws and regulations to keep you secure. As a result, it’s always a smart idea to avoid unregulated casinos and instead play at reputable casinos and sites you know and trust. There are numerous big portals for identifying reputable casinos that offer safe and secure platforms for gamers to enjoy their gaming experience. Examine input from customers and experts.

Choose Sites that Use Well-Known Software

Whenever you play a game at an online casino, you must believe that the software isn’t set up to hurt you. The “house” will always have an advantage, but that’s not the same as a rigged game.

The best way is to make sure that the online casino uses reputable gambling software and technology made by the big names in the business. Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and RealTimeGaming are some of the most well-known game developers, but there are many more.

Examine the Website to Verify if it Is Secure

Personal information such as your name, address, and payment details must be disclosed when gambling online. If such information enters the hands of bad actors, you might be in significant danger. As a result, it is vital that you only play at online casinos that have solid security measures in place.

A strong password encryption technique and secure data storage are required as a bare minimum. Sites that offer two-factor authentication are even better.

The online casino should verify your identity before allowing any transactions. It may appear that verifying your identification is excessive, but it protects you and the casino. If the casino confirms you are who you say you are, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized transactions with your information.

Examine Your Payment Options

A recognized online casino’s payment procedures will be dependable and trustworthy. Nonetheless, the regulatory agencies under whose control they fall are required to verify this.

You must, however, confirm that the payment options they offer are adequate for your needs. Secure deposit and withdrawal methods include eWallets, debit cards, and cryptocurrency.

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If you pick the right payment method, you will deposit and withdraw funds quickly and conveniently. It should also charge reasonable fees and be simple to use.

Choose Casinos that Provide Player Protection Tools

No matter how careful you are, you can make mistakes. Unfortunately, such mistakes can be highly costly when playing online casino games.

On the other hand, a good online casino will have player protection procedures in place. You can use these tools to set time limits for yourself, ensuring that you don’t go overboard. After all, we tend to forget our best intentions when we’re tired.

You can also use security tools to build a budget. You won’t have to rely just on willpower to stop before you lose too much money in this manner.

Don’t Be Tempted by Bonuses that Are Too Good to Be True

Scam online casinos tempt players with a variety of too-good-to-be-true promotions. These offers may appear genuine at first glance, but they typically cost the player more than they are worth. Casinos are constantly seeking new ways to attract new consumers and stay in business, which is why they increase their marketing spending year after year to win new clients, but this strategy has consequences.

Review Their Customer Service

Because you’ll be doing everything online, customer service will be very important as you may need it. If you have a problem, especially one that costs money, you’ll want to work with customer service to know what they’re doing and help you.

Use Antivirus Software or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Protect Yourself

If you spend a lot of time online, not just with online casinos, it’s not a bad idea to invest in virus protection or a VPN (a virtual private network). Such protection, particularly if you need to download something, will keep your device and data safe. They will assist you in avoiding viruses on your computer or mobile device.


Countless online casinos advertise sign-up and welcome bonuses to lure players into playing, but these incentives are usually ineffectual or even fraudulent. Even if you’re looking at a legitimate online casino, you should carefully examine everything before you invest your hard-earned money!

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