Huawei launches HUAWEI CLOUD International website in Thai language and reveals 29.44% IaaS cloud market share

Thai customers hey! Huawei announced the launch of the HUAWEI CLOUD International website. in the official Thai format today

The HUAWEI CLOUD website is currently available in four languages: Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. In the Thai market, organizations tend to use cloud services higher. According to the survey, it was found that the need for using the website in the Thai language of customers. which before launching the Thai version of the website Thai customers must access Huawei Cloud International’s English website. Therefore, the launch of a Thai language website covering more than 110 pages reinforces Huawei’s commitment. Cloud to meet customer needs Continue to invest in Thailand for a long time and strive to continuously improve the customer experience.

According to the latest Gartner report Infrastructure Services Cloud Market Share Huawei’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service/IaaS in 2021 is at 29.44%, ranking third in Thailand (Gartner® data, Market Share: Global IT Services 2021). ) and an increase of 1 point compared to 28.38% of the market share in 2020. In addition, the 2021 brand survey found that Huawei Cloud’s brand awareness rate in Thailand has a high rate of 70%

In 2021, Huawei Cloud has launched a strategy. ‘Dive into digital with Everything as a Service’, ‘Diversity’ encompasses Huawei’s industry vision and understanding. Huawei Cloud has been operating in the Asia-Pacific region since 2018. After four years of development, Huawei Cloud has risen to No. 2 in China, No. 3 in Thailand, and No. 4. in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region It is also the fastest growing company among the top 5 cloud service leaders in the region.

Huawei has been investing in Thailand for a long time. Since the launch of Huawei Cloud in Thailand on September 30, 2018, Huawei Cloud Thailand has been part of 15 industry sectors. More than 300 partners in Thailand and serving thousands of customers until now.

Huawei currently provides more than 80 cloud services on Huawei Cloud ThailandHuawei builds a data center. (Availability Zone – AZ) 3 locations in Thailand and the official launch of the third data center on March 25, 2022. The launch of the Thai language website will be a major step forward in delivering the best ordering, usability, and service experience. with Huawei Cloud Thailand customers

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to meet the expansion of the digital economy in Thailand Huawei has a number of projects in addition to Huawei Cloud’s superior services to further develop the ecosystem and business in Thailand, such as the Huawei ASEAN Academy project, over 25,000 digital talent enhancement training services around the world, the Huawei Spark project. Ignite Thailand 2021 Startup competition in Thailand and ‘Hackathon’ competition among students in HUAWEI CLOUD and Connect, etc.

Huawei has been doing business in Thailand for 23 years and is continually making positive contributions to Thai society. Huawei Cloud continues to be a key driving force in delivering high quality cloud services. to help push Thailand into the digital hub of the ASEAN region

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