Husband caring to help wash shoes to show off his wife saw “sprout!” Dumbfounded: unreliable, it’s outrageous | International | CTWANT

My wife’s shoes were washed by my husband until seedlings grew on the surface. (Photo/Recap from Netease News)

Most husbands and wives in modern families have to go out to work, so it is no longer the wife’s job to share the housework. There is a wife surnamed Wang in Huaihua City, Hunan Province in mainland China. She was away from home for a month before, but when she returned home, she saw her husband proudly showing off to her. , Because my shoes were washed by my husband until they “sprouted”.

According to China’s “Star Video” report, this wife surnamed Wang went back to her mother’s house for a month. After returning home, she saw her husband come to ask her for credit, saying that he was very considerate and washed all the cotton slippers his wife wore in winter. alright. Princess Wang felt very happy when she first heard her husband help her wash shoes, and she was glad that her husband had finally become sensible, but then she took out her cotton slippers and began to realize that there was something strange about it.

It turns out that the pair of Wang Nu’s shoes that were washed by her husband may have been contaminated with plant seeds because she often wears them outdoors; when her husband washed the shoes, he saw that the shoes were full of dirt and wanted to soak them first before washing them, but the result was soaked. Then, dragging her feet, she soaked the shoes for half a month, until the shoes sprouted buds, and the princess shook her head: “I think men are quite unreliable, it’s outrageous!”

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The princess said that although she was a little dumbfounded, she would not be angry with her husband. She also teased that these were new shoes that her husband “handcrafted” for her. She also said that she would not throw away the pair of cotton slippers. She wanted to see What will the above seedlings grow into.

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