“I Cannot Bear Another Loss,” says Mother Blaming Vaccine for Daughter’s Death.

A Dutch woman was compelled to have her newborn son vaccinated for poliomyelitis, which is mandatory for children in Belgium, however, she refused. She believed that the vaccine had caused the death of her 15-year-old daughter, who had developed epilepsy after receiving the injection and had died in her sleep due to an epileptic seizure. The mother claimed that she couldn’t bear to experience such tragedy again and thus chose not to vaccinate her son. Her lawyer argued that the vaccine was not compulsory in Europe except for Belgium and France, and therefore the charges against her should be dropped. However, the court ruled that because she had jeopardized her child’s health, she was to be fined 240 euros.

Forced to have her newborn son vaccinated against poliomyelitis, a compulsory vaccine for children in Belgium, a Dutch woman still refused. Indeed, she was convinced that it was this same vaccine that had killed her 15-year-old daughter shortly before, reports the Nieuwsblad.

“Since this injection, she suffered from epilepsy. She finally died in her sleep of an epileptic fit, ”explains the mother to the court in Tongeren. “So I don’t want to have my son vaccinated because I can’t go through this again. I no longer dare.”

The mother’s lawyer insisted that this vaccine is no longer compulsory in Europe, except in Belgium and France, so that the proceedings against her client are dropped. However, the court ruled that she had put her child’s health at risk and sentenced her to a fine of 240 euros.

In conclusion, the case of the Dutch woman who refused to have her newborn son vaccinated against polio highlights the ongoing debate around mandatory vaccinations. While the mother strongly believed that the vaccine had caused the death of her daughter, the court ruled that her actions put her son’s health at risk and therefore she was fined. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of vaccination programs and the potential consequences of not vaccinating. It also highlights the need for continued education and dialogue around these contentious issues.

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