I never thought I could come back; These are the reasons for the comeback – KS Chitra

2023-05-25 14:42:00

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I never thought I might come back; The reason for the comeback is: KS Chitra

KS Chitra said that she never thought that she would be able to return to the playback singing scene. In an interview to Behind Woods, Chitra said that when she left the singing scene following the death of her daughter, many people helped her come back.

‘I never thought I might come back. Many people I didn’t know would send prasad to my house for days. Many people supported me. I am very grateful to those who helped me in my comeback.

What I learned with my daughter’s death is that whatever comes will come, but God gives us the courage to overcome these situations and when I am alone like this, I am also worried regarding the lives of those around me.

Vijayettan (partner) even quit his job and stayed with me. I have a studio. There are many people working there. These were the reasons for me to come back,’ said Chitra.

Chitra said that her family was once morest her becoming a singer and she has never gone to a show or recording without at least one person close to her.

‘The biggest fight I got from my mother was because of my laughter. I smile when someone looks at my face. Such is my nature. My mother always told me not to laugh at strangers.

When a girl smiles at everyone like that, people would interpret it the wrong way and get a bad name. Because my mother told me to do so, I used to not smile at anyone for all the stage shows in the beginning of my career.

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I was brought up very strictly. My mother was very opposed to me becoming a playback singer. My mother was afraid of letting me go to the film industry where I had no experience. It was my father who gave me courage.

I’ve never been to a show or a recording without my mom or dad or someone close to me. I always have someone close to me if I ever get scared. There was some peace following the wedding, Chitra said.

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